Social impact

A pop-up “community crew” focused on social impact + collaboration among Hubud members.

For many of us, Ubud isn’t just a gorgeous travel destination—it’s home. Our Cogiving program is how we create meaningful interactions + experiences with local businesses, the Balinese community, and each other. Participants chose to go beyond being a “digital nomad” and step into the dynamic role of interconnected team member—whether their stay is short or lasting.

“I felt really lucky to have the support of Hubud’s Cogiving program. Through the program, a new website has been created for The Spring School, and I hope this will help in bringing more enrollments to the school.”

Veronika Nariswari,
Spring School Founder & Director

Purposeful connections

Each project gets its own unique team of collaborators who craft a plan to work with a local organization or business. Employing cultural sensitivity and mindfulness, the team actively listens to the recipients’ goals and hopes. Throughout the project, friendships and camaraderie are built with all involved. Structures are erected, plans are executed, and smiles are had by all.


In Cogiving projects, team members share their expertise and empower others to learn new skills. By the end of the project, everyone has gained new awareness and empowerment for their professional experience.

The spirit of service

Bali is a deeply transformative place, and there’s no shortage of generosity, playfulness, or graciousness amongst the Balinese. Hubudians come together to bring their strengths towards finding sustainable solutions for the businesses that keep the economy strong and the culture thriving.

Scaling impact

No matter where you are in the world, community support always helps local businesses to thrive. Our mission is to keep connecting the people who feel passionate about community contribution with the projects that stand to benefit most from this unique collaboration. When international minds come together to contribute locally, magic happens.

“The best part of this for me, other than helping a local business, was that all team members learned new skills, like how to work in a collaborative environment using Trello, Google docs and Facebook secret groups, and how to project manage, which is a really valuable skill to have.”

Merav Knafo,
Founder and CEO of iJoomla, Project Manager of the first Cogiving project

Case Study: The Spring School

The Spring School needed to attract new students and express their offering to the marketplace.

Project: We took The Spring School to the next level with a digital makeover, that included video, digital strategy, and web collateral.


Are you a member of Dojo & would you like to give your time, skills or dollars to help one of our Cogiving Partners?


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