Company retreats – the cost

is not doing it

Staff retention takes more than just money

Great companies measure success differently. They not only attract the right talent, they make them want to stay. While getting ‘the hire’ is one thing, staff retention is the key to growth.

Yes, the balance of power has shifted and while millennials may still be somewhat of an enigma, employing and retaining this talented work force means you need to offer them more than just a salary. You need to sell them a lifestyle that you’ll both encourage and support as their employer.

The Millennial generation is not to be underestimated. By 2025, they’ll make up 75 percent of the workforce which means it’s time to change your approach.

Conscious leadership is not just ‘talking the talk’

Think about companies like Google or Spotify who hire and retain the best in the world. They do it by consciously leading – by making the workplace not just super cool, but meaningful.

Yes, they reward employees financially, but they also nurture purpose-driven working conditions that harness the missions of their employees for the good of the company. To catch the big fish they had to change their bait.

If you don’t champion this approach, you risk losing your talent to more purpose driven companies – or not attracting them at all.

Successful corporate retreats are more than just boozy weekends away

They’re a chance to create a unified workforce of passionate employees that not only believe in your company, but buy into its continued success.

Why? Because your success directly correlates to their level of satisfaction.

People want to feel like part of a team and you need to make that happen without forcing inauthentic relationship building. Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to those cringe-worthy seminars that your staff resent having to attend.


The best way to make people want to work for you is to give them space to create their own loyal, fiercely supportive ecosystem. Let them form a Tribe where they can work together without sacrificing their values or lifestyle.


             Build a Tribe to stand with you

The Tribe Builder package will give you the ingredients you need to create your own ‘new school’ style of corporate retreat and take employee productivity to whole new levels.

It’s a beautiful paradox. When you give people permission to create a great work/life balance, their work improves. The Tribe Builder is the first step to building a team of innovative, hard working change makers. Think business and bonding on a tropical island. It’s the perfect recipe to facilitate the organic formation of your tribe and boost their productivity sky high.

What does YOUR ideal retreat look like?

Unique team building

You’ll be offered once in a lifetime adventures – everything from mud wrestling to meditation to volcano climbing to tech-free wilderness action. Your team is too awesome to subject them to weird, outdated trust exercises… get together and build stuff together and the rest will take care of itself.

Striking a work/life

Learn the art of scheduling both work and free time to increase productivity without sacrificing lifestyle. Weave together a program that ensures work targets are exceeded AND the team has time to work on that warrior pose.


You’ll create meaningful experiences for your team by coming together to give their skills to help local businesses or charity in need. A study by Cone Communications found that nine out of 10 Millennials would switch brands to support a particular cause and 87% would purchase a product with a social or environmental benefit.


Learn from innovators who use new ways of working to increase output and employee satisfaction. Hubud has been featured in major media all over the world for a reason… our community. Come and meet them, see what they are up to and what you can take back with you.


Skill sharing and upskilling… the future of learning is social. Hubud hosted 431 events last year, and your team is welcome to join them while they are here. Even better, have your team contribute to the wider community by leading a workshop or talk! Great exposure for your company and a very empowering experience for your team.


We can even run problem solving and work hacking private sessions that are specific to your needs. We work with a team of experts and specialists that can be brought in to motivate/challenge/excite/teach your team. Just tell us what your priorities are and we will put it together with you.

Ok, you’ve got me.

Great, leave us your email and we will send you more information.

“We brought a group of 35+ people through this package, and we loved it! We arrived in Bali and everything was ready and sorted for us. Hubud welcomed us into their community with open arms and the team always found ways to get us involved in all the activities. They even set up a working space for us next to a pool. Thanks to Hubud, ‘pool-working’ is now a term in our lexicon!”

Spencer Jentzsch

Operations Manager at Hacker Paradise

It takes a tribe to build an empire

If you find you’re not attracting and retaining the right sort of talent give us your email. We’ll send you all the details on how to run a Tribe Building experience for your next company retreat.

How to attract and retain talent?

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