Hubud isn’t just a coworking space in Bali. It’s a radically supportive bamboo haven of big ideas.

You could meet: your next business partner or true-love.
You could learn: the skill that completely revolutionizes your career. You could drink: locally-grown coffee + replenishing green juice. You could teach: your fellow coworkers a life-altering skill. You could eat: delicious + organic cuisine. You could journey: to volcanos, oceans, or yoga studios.

You can be: happier than you’ve ever remembered.

“One of the world’s best coworking spaces”

“One of the best workspaces worldwide”

”Top 10 Coworking Spaces on Earth”

“Best Coworking Space 2017”

“I left London and worked at Hubud for three months in Bali. There I developed my business plan, acquired an investor, launched my website, attracted my first supplier and developed my packaging and branding. My productivity soared and I believe this was down to the fact that every day I was surrounded by driven and supportive entrepreneurs.”

Adela Hussain Divi Websites Inc.

“From the moment I walked in, I fel “wow, this is it”.Hubud has this incredible energy that made me stay in Ubud much longer than i planned. I got so much value from people at Hubud: new friends, new ideas, and I made great progress on my project”

Boban Milosevic Founder of Slamguru.

“It all started with an e-commerce course at Hubud. I now have a highly profitable business and a thriving social enterprise on the side”

Mona Motwani Co-Founder of Sparksf.org

“I am in my sixties and thought at first I would feel odd at Hubud. The opposite was true! People were just amazing; smart, engaged, positive and passionate about their lives and really interested in my project.”

Margaret Manning Founder of Sixty and Me

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Coworking is not just about “working” together.

It’s about collaborating on the world’s next big innovation, experimenting with your personal re-invention, or sinking deep into a creative business pursuit. It’s about play + productivity + purpose. Most of all, it’s about discovering the freedom and satisfaction of choosing a life that aligns with your most genuine self—and having a crew of like-minded dreamers + doers beside you for the ride.

At Hubud, our coworking members feel free: to transform, fulfill dreams, mess-up, reinvent, hunker-down, re-awaken, and craft a life + business they’ve only ever fantasized about.

Features of Hubud’s Coworking Space:


Super fast internet. Micro-environments designed for socializing, solitude, or a healthy mix of both. An orchestra of bamboo and emerald vistas await your presence.

Air-con, fan & fresh air

Stay cozy indoors, view the sunset outdoors, chill in the AC or, stay easy with speedy-fans—it’s all here.

Meeting rooms

Schedule your squad-meeting around a gorgeous bamboo table. White-boards, projectors and AC available

Events + workshops

Learn from some of the world’s leading experts on everything from app-coding to health coaching.

Hubud digital membership

Connect with business owners, digital nomads, entrepreneurs + adventure-artisans from all over the globe. Exclusive opportunities for ventures, jobs, and connection abound.

Mail address

Mail in Bali can be tricky, but not if you have a solid address at Hubud. Your important articles from overseas are safe when they’re sent here.

Storage locker

For your headphones, notebooks and digital gear. Store your stuff in a secure space with 24/7 security.

Skype booth

Compact, and functional. We have an all-bamboo Skype booth when you would like to have a private Skype conversation from time to team. Free of charge for Hubud’s Pro and Unlimited Members.

24/7 Access

Hubud is open 24 hours on weekdays, and from 9am – midnight on weekends (hosting hours 8am – 8pm from Monday to Friday, and 9am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday).

Take a peek inside Hubud!


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