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You run a remote-first company? We like you already.

Hubud has been a gathering place for the remote community since we opened in 2013.

When we put together our Tribe Builder retreat offer we thought of you first… we don’t need to explain the benefits of a globally distributed workforce OR of the importance of periodic in-person meetups to connect, cowork towards a product deadline or recalibrate team priorities.

We understand each other.

You are steps ahead of the game.
But what if we tell you we think you can do better?

Forget Silicon Valley

Think business and bonding on a tropical island. Think boosting your team’s productivity sky high in one of planet Earth’ top ranked coworking spaces according to the nice folks at Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post and Lonely Planet. Think forming a Tribe based on shared company values and a commitment to support each other to live a full, balanced lifestyle. Think play + productivity + purpose. Think team retreat in a paradise. Think Ubud, Bali – top 15 urban travel destinations in the world and Google’s most searched travel destination.

At first glance, talking productivity + Bali seems like a stretch. We beg to differ. Hubud has welcomed over 6500 members from 80 countries since we opened in 2013, and collectively we are changing the way people live, work and learn. Bali is one of the most stimulating places on Earth, and inspires a creativity and expansiveness in your team that is hard to replicate anywhere.

“Being remote can make you feel more connected than ever before”

During “Running Remote 2018” the world’s largest remote work conference held in Bali, our always insightful and funny CEO & co-founder Steve Munroe gives you his piece of mind in this keynote speech that makes you understand what remote work really is.

This is where we should note that Trip Advisor ranked Bali as the World’s #1 Destination for 2017

…but that just starts to feel like bragging.

Point being: It is time to think about bringing your team to Bali for your next offsite. Our goal is make it the most impactful meetup your team has ever had.

What does YOUR ideal retreat look like?

All Tribe Builder retreats we host are custom crafted as they need to reflect the particular goals of your team. Depending on your timeframe and what you are looking to achieve during your time here, we will help you build out your experience on Bali with some of the following elements:

Unique team building

You’ll be offered once in a lifetime adventures – everything from mud wrestling to meditation to volcano climbing to tech-free wilderness action. Your team is too awesome to subject them to weird, outdated trust exercises… get together and build stuff together and the rest will take care of itself.

Striking a work/life

Learn the art of scheduling both work and free time to increase productivity without sacrificing lifestyle. Weave together a program that ensures work targets are exceeded AND the team has time to work on that warrior pose.


You’ll create meaningful experiences for your team by coming together to give their skills to help local businesses or charity in need. A study by Cone Communications found that nine out of 10 Millennials would switch brands to support a particular cause and 87% would purchase a product with a social or environmental benefit.


Learn from innovators who use new ways of working to increase output and employee satisfaction. Hubud has been featured in major media all over the world for a reason… our community. Come and meet them, see what they are up to and what you can take back with you.


Skill sharing and upskilling… the future of learning is social. Hubud hosted 431 events last year, and your team is welcome to join them while they are here. Even better, have your team contribute to the wider community by leading a workshop or talk! Great exposure for your company and a very empowering experience for your team.


We can even run problem solving and work hacking private sessions that are specific to your needs. We work with a team of experts and specialists that can be brought in to motivate/challenge/excite/teach your team. Just tell us what your priorities are and we will put it together with you.


Sold? Curious? Searching for flights?

If so, let’s look at the steps:

1) You read this page and get crazy excited
2) You put your email in below, we send you a snazzy pdf with more info
3) You have a call with our Learning Experiences Manager Nicole… you’ll like her. She will listen to what you’re after, and craft an experience for you to pitch to your team at your next standup meeting.

And here is a sneak peak of how your retreat could look:

“We brought a group of 35+ people through this package, and we loved it! We arrived in Bali and everything was ready and sorted for us. Hubud welcomed us into their community with open arms and the team always found ways to get us involved in all the activities. They even set up a working space for us next to a pool. Thanks to Hubud, ‘pool-working’ is now a term in our lexicon!”

Spencer Jentzsch

Operations Manager at Hacker Paradise

Who else we worked with:

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Put your email here and some tantalizing info is heading your way. You’ve been warned!

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