Hubud members reflect the wicked diversity of people who choose to live in Ubud: tech startups, social entrepreneurs, creative design pros, private equity folks, filmmakers and photographers, writers, coaches, development consultants and marketing geniuses.

The magic of Hubud comes from the people you encounter, the perspective you gain, the collaborators you find, the things you can learn from them!

How do I get involved?

What you put into it is what you get out of it. It’s that simple!

Here are some ways to get more involved:

  • Become a member of Hubud – Join Now
  • Join our Facebook community let everyone know you’re here, don’t be shy! (Past & Active Members Only)
  • Come to the next New Members Orientation. That’s where we swap Hubud secrets, so you won’t want to miss it. It happens every Tuesday at 10.30 AM – 11.30 AM.
  • Rock up to one of our Skill Shares, Think Thanks and meet-ups, Community events – most are FREE for members. You can find them here.
  • Interested in sharing what you know and your skills with the community? We’re are all ears, drop us an email at: events@hubud.org.
  • Buy someone a coffee and share a desk together.
  • Introduce yourself to new people and make yourself known. Who knows, perhaps you meet your next business partner or true-love.
  • Participate in events like our monthly BBQ – it’s the best way to have fun and meet members.

Quick Community Stats

Meet our Members

Meet some of our members and find out why they love Hubud and Bali!

Rianne Klein Geltink, Social entrepreneur

Gabriella Luisa, Vegan bodybuilder

Fran & Sofie, Travel agency owners

Alex Napier Holland, Content Creator


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