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This dynamic fusion of fun and intelligent architecture is bound to result in expansive reflection and powerful team sessions.

Situated high above the clatter of Monkey Forest Road, the hive of Hubud has been hewn from reclaimed ulin wood flooring and bright bamboo. The treehouse-luxe space is strategically crafted to facilitate meaningful connection among innovators, creatives, and teams. While the environment sings in a rustic-aspirational tune, there are nooks and crannies for introverts + deep thinkers alike. 

Looking for a fresh breeze? Our outdoor patio view of emerald rice-paddies and Mount Batur will keep you inspired. More air-con-oriented? Our glass-windowed meeting room has whiteboards + projector capabilities for top-notch presentations. The rest of the open-air alcoves contain a multifaceted arrangement of shared desks + ergonomic chairs, bean bag couches, and bar-stools paired with tall tables—all situated under arched beams and the flow of silver fans. 

Hubud - main room - space rental in Bali

Main Room

A dynamic, free-flowing space that encourages collaboration.

– 129 sqm/ 35-50 pax
– Flexible floor plan
– Sound system
– Fan-based air circulation 

Perfect for:
workshops, conferences, panels, team building, FGD sessions, etc.

Hubud - the loft - space rental in Bali

The Loft

A charming, intimate hideaway for inspired gatherings.

– 67 sqm/ 40 pax
– Flexible floor plan
– Air-Conditioner

Perfect for:
workshops, movie screenings, book launchings, team building, FGD sessions, etc.

Hubud - cafe & garden area - space rental in Bali

Cafe & Garden

The Perfect match of a dramatic vista and secret garden enchantment.

– 91 sqm/ 30-100 pax
– Flexible floor plan
– Sound system
– Outdoor & Fan-based air circulation
– Stunning rice paddy & volcano views
– Food + drink service available 

Perfect for:
parties, evening events, workshops, movie screenings, book launching, team building, FGD sessions, etc.

Conference room at Hubud

Conference Room

Empower your team or audience in this cool, inspired room.

– 28 sqm/ 15 pax
– Air-Conditioner
– Live stream capabilities & equipment
– Technical support

Perfect for:
meetings, workshops, brainstorming sessions, FGD sessions, etc.

Hubud conference room

The Meeting Room

A chilled nook for focus and conceptualizing.

– 7.7 sqm/ 6 pax
– Air-Conditioner

Perfect for:
small workshops, one-on-one meetings, running webinars

Skype booth at Hubud

Skype Booth

Comfy booth the size of a coffin or a capsule hotel.

– 1.2 sqm/ 1 pax
– Fan-based air circulation 

Perfect for:
private video calls, crying alone, self contemplation or anytime you just need a minute alone

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