So, you’re dreaming of living in Bali?

You have so many questions, about living costs, hotels, visas, schools, traffic, domestic help, restaurants, sports, nightlife, yoga, etc. you don’t even know where to start. Our FREE ‘Living In Bali Guide: Ubud Edition’ is packed with every information you need to be living in Bali with ease. It was put together by input from our members who come from various backgrounds and lifestyles.

What’s included in this guide

From housing tips, places to eat, visas and all sorts of things to do for fun to a list of schools, things to bring and costs of living in Bali, we’ve got it covered!

Housing & visas

Whether you’re a prince or a pauper, Bali offers a veritable wonderland of housing options. Get some tips and a spreedsheet of housing costs. Plus choose the best visa depending on your planned length of stay.


Things to do & things to bring

From sports clubs, list of places to do yoga, pillates, or even tennis, to a list of fun activities and places to go around Ubud – we’ve got that covered. We’ve also included a list of things Bali visitors say they wish they’d bought with them.


Places to eat

One of the best things about Ubud is its local culinary offering. From raw & vegan options, through fine dining to local touch, you will find almost everything in Ubud and our guide will tell you where to look for it!


Getting around

Transportation in Bali is notorious, and finding registered taxi companies can be a tiring task. There are ways to get around it though and we’ve shared the with you here.


Costs of living in Bali

Bali is one of the few places you can set an overly optimistic budget and keep it, but as always, it’s better to expect the best and plan for the unforeseen. That’s why we’ve included basic monthly spreadsheet of costs. 


Medical issues & staying safe

Generally Bali is a safe place and most illnesses in Bali are no more serious than an intimate, 24 hour fling with your toilet bowl… With the list of hospitals, and tips on being safe you should be fine.


“Love the guide. So well prepared and packed with helpful information!”

Kristine Sloan


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