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Where would Hubud be without our incredible team? The answer: possibly in outer space. The calm and collected Hubud team keeps everything (and everyone!) grounded, happy, and healthy. From ensuring events are top-notch, to answering member questions, to serving breakfast—our team is deeply valued, encouraged, and appreciated.

Steve Munroe

Steve Munroe

Cofounder + CEO

Steve is Hubud’s prime schemer and evangelist for new ways of working, learning and living.


Vitto Christaldi

Vitto Christaldi

Chief of Learning & Experience 

Vitto’s real name is The Terminator, but he prefers to be known as Hubud’s Event Maestro.

Maria A. Triwahyuni

Maria A. Triwahyuni

Head of Partnerships

Maria is the partner-whisperer and the chief of getting-things-done-quickly-and-well at Hubud.


I Made Setia Budhi (Budi)

Super Host

Budi is our Space Man. He makes sure that our members are well taken care of and our building doesn’t collapse.


Kasyfi Reynold Jr

Events Coordinator

The man behind our regular events, community captain and the owner of the most contagious laugh at Hubud.


Kartika Buana Wijaya (Buana)


Buana smiles, and the world is a better place. As a Community Hero, Buana makes sure that everyone is happy when they’re at Hubud.

Sri Laxmi

Finance Manager

Sri is in charge of the numbers for all Hubud’s plots, plans and schemes. Good citizen that she is, she also makes sure we pay our tax on time!


Agus Karsuadi

IT Manager

Hubud’s super awesome internet connection? He’s the one responsible. Always be nice to Agus.


Faisal Arief (Isal)


Isal has a supersonic eye for detail. He designs beautiful things, and he gives Hubud its swagger.




Wayan is our amazing triple agent: Hubud’s finest security guard, the most experienced after-party helper and the owner of the nicest smiles around.



Cleanliness Caretaker

Nyoman is our earliest and most rarely seen bird, she is the first to come to Hubud in the morning and turns the place into a clean and freshly smelling one in no time.




Kadek is the one we trust to keep Hubud safe and sound during the night. And also, he has the finest music taste from the 8 pm-8 am crew. Don’t believe us? Ask him for a song recommendation.


In-house Fixer

Made is our all-arounder. He helps with maintenance, cleaning and helping out in a hundred ways.

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