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Smart Women. Changing Everything.

Are you a woman making big changes in your life?

WIT is your chance to learn from the women who’ve walked this path before you.

WIT is for women who want to make their world bigger. Who want to see changes— in themselves, and in the way things work… in their business, in their industry, in their lives and in the world.

This week-long, immersive experience will give you the tools for building a life you really believe in, and connect you with the crew to make it happen.

Join us to build a life you really believe in.

Apply for the intensive program today. 

February, 2020 – Bali, Indonesia


Together, we explore:

Change Cycles

… so you can identify where you are, what you need, and who you can call on to get help when you need it.

Different ways of ‘knowing and being’

… so you have more than just a pros and cons list to rely on when you are making big choices.

Conflict management and communication strategies

that will help you explain to others, as well as yourself, how you feel, what you want, and what your plans are.

Patterns, blocks and behaviors

that may be inhibiting your ability to change.

Creative forms of personal expression

that you can tap into for inspiration.

And that’s just the beginning.

Your investment includes:

A detailed, evidence-based workbook with interactive exercises and strategies that you can use long into the future.

A tribe of women to support through your transition, offering peer to peer support, accountability, meet-ups and other opportunities for learning.

A beautiful, intimate, immersive ‘classroom’ where we learn indoors and out.

A wide variety of modalities to explore and practitioners to consult.

Fresh air, fresh food and a fresh perspective on life!

Want to dip your toe in? Get our FREE FACADE exercise for a taster of what we cover in WIT.

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"I got more out of WIT than I ever expected or imagined possible. Although all of the exercises, tribe formation, and powerful conversations were all a major part of the transformation, what I found to be the most impactful and the most healing, was Renee's consistent stance towards the group and each of us as individuals."


"WIT offered a tribe of women to support me transitioning to a new country and a new career path. It’s the best stepping stone you could wish for. You’ll come away with priceless education, a family, fantastic friends for life and new energy to kick-start the life you always dreamed of."


"I joined WIT program, after having sold my business, looking for new opportunities. The program and the tribe inspired and supported me to be better equipped in my new business, and it continues to do so. I can honestly say that this has been the best investment ever in my life!"


"WIT is the best experience I had compared to all the retreats and workshops I’d done. Why? We were introduced to so many different tools, we could share open heartedly with each other and it helped me connect deeply with myself as well. I’m in my full-power now."


"To move forward, positively and powerfully with our lives, we must identify everything that is blocking us from living and feeling the way we truly desire, and have strategies and the tools to help us deal with challenges when they arise. For me, WIT, did exactly this."


Is WIT right for you?

WIT is for women who want to make big changes— in themselves, and it the world.

If you are:

  • A life long learner
  • Looking for new and better ways to make major decisions.
  • Feeling a little ‘stuck’ in certain places but not sure how to get moving again.
  • Are ready to get wise as well as smart about how change works.
  • Are looking for ways to resolve conflicts— within yourself, and with others.
  • Want to explore big life questions, so you can do what you are really called to do.
  • And would to have some fun doing it.
  • Are facing a major pivotal point in your life or any other major life-change.

WIT is for you.

What WIT is not:

A prescriptive program where you get all the answers. It’s a launch pad, not ‘solve-all’ experience. We teach you how to tap your own expertise for answers, and chart your own course for change, so you take take all the time you need to do what’s right for you.

A place to build a business plan. WIT is the prerequisite course to building the life and the business of your dreams, not an MBA crash course. It’s where you get to put passion, purpose, people and personal sustainability on par with profit while you figure out your next move.

Therapy, or a place to come if your are currently coping with mental illness. WIT may be too intense if you are working through a delicate trauma history or if you need more one on one support. If you are concerned about your suitability for the program, please contact our staff.

Here is what you can expect from WIT...

Expert Workshops

We meet at a private villa in the Ubud area, for our speaker series and interactive workshops.

The Challenge Process

We give you tools to troubleshoot your biggest blocks that you can take home with you, and share with your friends.  

Confidential Support

We build a tribe around you, so that making a big change is fun, rather than scary.  

Tools for Transition

There is an art and a skill to change, but most of us are not taught these things in school. WIT aims to share both the attitudes and the aptitudes that will make your transition easier.

WIT is values driven.

Here is what we believe in:

Women in Transition - community


WIT will connect you with some of the smartest, most empowered women in Bali’s business ecosystem, so you can learn from the people who have lived the experience you are about to embark on.

Hubud Creativity


Bali is renowned for being a place where you can dream big and really make things happen. WIT supports you in the process of grounding those dreams in reality without sacrificing the vision, purpose and passion that drives you.

WIT Conversations


A great conversation can change everything… especially if it gives you the valuable feedback you need to get results you desire. WIT uses the ‘Challenge Process’ to troubleshoot the problems as they arise and make conversations really count.

WIT Coinciousness


When a group of smart women are gathered in the name of GOOD, great things can happen: People’s lives improve, projects that protect the earth and its people or, lead the way into the future are born.

Hear Hubud Co-Owner Renee Martyna speak about WIT

Daily schedule from Monday to Friday

Who you might meet

Our speakers in the past inatkes. Just a taste of what’s on offer.

Renee Martyna

Renee Martyna

WIT Curator, Co-owner of Hubud, and Facilitator of The Challenge Process

Renée is a former UN development worker turned social entrepreneur with a deep interest in the integrative arts. She first came to Bali to deliver retreat programs for burnt-out aid workers. Now she is the owner, program adviser and facilitator at Hubud, Bali’s first coworking space.

Renée developed The Challenge Process to help people to make changes, get creative about solutions to difficult problems, build community and raise consciousness through the art of powerful conversation.


Christina Zipperlen


Christina Zipperlen is a designer, artist, and entrepreneur based in Bali, Indonesia. She grew up in Germany, and she was raised with a good dose of questioning the status quo and the “truths” we are faced with. Her mother’s passing inspired her to travel the world and after years in Hawaii, Spain, and Australia, she has settled in Bali, where she lives with her girlfriend and their dog, Hero.

Her biggest passions are running her ethical jewelry brand Ananda Soul, writing, dancing, and celebrating life. Her mission is to remind women of their innate beauty, shift negative ideas around body image, and to help inspire conscious consumerism through sustainable fashion.

Emily Kuser

Emily Kuser

Spiritual teacher

Emily has spent a decade on teaching, research and personal experience to create the highest level courses possible. She has a sincere curiosity about healing methodologies and spiritual systems and wholeheartedly investigates their practicality for everyday people with everyday lives.

Emily has studied with masters around the world in Asia, Europe and North America. Her work is deeply influenced by Hatha Yoga, Somatics, Classical Tantra and teachers Sally Kempton, Tara Judelle, Layla Martin, Lorin Roche & Mark Whitwell. Emily teaches her courses at the renowned Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. She also specializes in Integrated Sexuality through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality as a Love, Sex & Relationship Professional.

Anne Hockett WIT speaker

Anne Hockett

Anne Hockett has concentrated her efforts in the care world in Asia for over 25 years. Since 1983 she has worked with over 5,000 clients ranging from managing cancer and heart disease to assisting those with physical and emotional needs.

Anne was also trained by Drs. John Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli to teach Mind Body Stress Reduction, which she will be sharing in this retreat.

Anne currently lives in Ubud, Bali, is the mother of two teenage daughters and has been happily married for nearly 28 years.

Marta Komosa

Marta Komosa

Female empowerer

Marta Komosa is a Polish female empowerer who moved to Bali 4 years ago to pursue her path as a healer and healing advisor.

With her background in human resources and event management she co-runs big events Bali Spirit festival, as well as group and private retreats. She believes wholeheartedly in learning through real life experiences and is passionate about creating a safe space for people to grow, heal and transform.

She practices Theta Healing as well as Reiki energy healing. 

Mona Motwani

Mona Motwani


Mona is a human rights lawyer turned entrepreneur. A series of unexpected life events led Mona to move to Bali and make the transition to location-independent entrepreneur. Mona launched a successful ecommerce company in 2014 and is a professed digital nomad having relocated to Ubud, Bali 3.5 years ago having lived in San Francisco prior to that. 

She is co-founder of Spark, a grassroots venture philanthropy nonprofit that invests in women’s organizations and is the largest network of millennial donors in the world. 

Suhaila Nordin

Suhaila Nordin (Aila)

Founder of NIAT Consulting and Niat Living

Aila is the strategic and creative force behind NIAT Consulting and Niat Living, a movement to advocate intentional business approach and conscious lifestyle and wellbeing. With over 20 years of extensive corporate experience across various industries from advertising, F&B until retail – Aila specializes in strategic business development, cross-disciplinary design, branding, and retail.

She moved to Bali in 2012 to run one of the biggest mall in Bali while practicing her passion which are mindfulness and intentional living. 


Helene Schmitt

Life Coach

Helene is a happiness at work activist, a transition and empowerment coach. Her work is based on the fact that self-awareness is the seed and pivot to build a fulfilling and balanced work life, and life in general.

She works with people seeking to transition to a new life, that brings the best for AND out of them.

Her motto is: work with yourself rather than against yourself.

Rucina Ballinger

Rucina Ballinger

Co-author of Balinese Dance, Drama and Music, founder of the comedy group Group Gedebong Goyang 

Rucina has lived in Bali since 1974. She first came here to study dance and theatre, has co-written a book Balinese Dance, Drama and Music, and is the founder of the comedy Group Gedebong Goyang. Working as a cultural tour guide, she leads university groups into the amazing maze of Bali and for the past 15 years has been in the NGO world.

Currently she is building a vocational training center in North Bali for the economically marginalized. With her late Balinese husband, she was the head of her banjar (hamlet), probably the only Westerner to hold this position.


Meghan Pappenheim

Owner of KAFE, Kebun, BaliSpirit.com, Co-owner of Yoga Barn, Co-Founder of BaliSpirit Festival 

Meghan, originally from NYC, came to Bali in 1992. A Social Entrepreneur from the start, she started her first business at 9 yrs old selling plantings to neighbours. Meghan first visited Indonesia on an overseas study program where she met her future Balinese husband Dekgun.

During the 24 years of their partnership they have produced two kids and expanded a vibrant group of companies and NGOs in Ubud including famous Yoga Barn, Kafe, Kebun, Balispirit.com, annual BaliSpirit Festival, Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS and Bali ReGreen.

Lydia Lee

Lydia Lee

Escape Coach at Screw The Cubicle

After leaving her six figure job in Canada years ago in pursuit of a path less conventional, this had led her to now be an advocate for location independency, and meaningful work with purpose.

Now based in Bali, she spends her time teaching people how to quit the jobs that are crushing their souls, discover their hidden talents, and make money doing something they love (and will care about).

Her mission and work has been featured on The Telegraph, Forbes, The Huffington Post, CNN Philippines, and Elle Canada.

Our venue

Our carefully selected venue is a new retreat centre, surrounded by lush nature, located 20 min drive from Ubud centre. There are 10 ensuite double/twin rooms, all with ceiling fans. The additional facilities just for the group include:

  • A spacious, fenced garden with a beautiful pool.
  • Open air dining table.
  • Spacious yoga shala.
  • A big air conditioned room for playtime and activities.
  • A private spa with 3 private rooms.
  • An organic vegetable and fruit garden.
  • Lots of hang out areas.

What's my investment?

What you get:
One on one intake and outgoing sessions with main facilitator
Expert workshops
A workbook with a years worth of tools and exercise to support your transition
Daily movements with interactive arts specialists
Access to an online tribe of women
Discount pricing on future work with experts
One month of unlimited membership at Hubud
Daily organic and locally sourced breakfasts & lunches
6 nights (private room) in a beautiful villa
Residential (USD1,799)
Non residential (USD1,399)

Enroll now

Enroll now for one of the upcoming intake.



Is WIT right for me? How will I know if I qualify for the program?

WIT is for women who want to make their world bigger. If you are:

    • A life long learner
    • Looking for new ways to negotiate life’s major decisions
    • Feeling a little ‘stuck’ in certain places but not sure how to get moving again
    • Are ready to get wise rather than just smart about how change works
    • And would to have some fun doing it

WIT is for you.

Once you fill out our registration form, you will be contacted for an interview with one of our main facilitators. In the interview, you will learn more about the program, and together, you will determine whether it's a good fit for you.

What is WIT and what is WIT not?

What is WIT?

WIT is an immersive experience designed to help women accelerate, deepen, and broaden their path of change. This means any change you might be going through in your life, whether that be a job, a relationship, a project or moving countries. No change is too big or small, we take them all! The program is both practical and theoretical, in that you are will be introduced to practices and techniques to build your own toolbox of resiliency, but you will also have plenty of time and space to engage with big questions and topics that are usually neglected in our daily lives. We will explore subjects like: phases of transition, self sustainability and care, conflict resolution, communication, inner blocks, sexuality, personal growth, community and more.

What WIT is not…

  • A prescriptive program where you get all the answers. It's a launch pad, not ‘solve-all’ experience. We teach you how to tap yourself for answers, not to look for them outside yourself.
  • A place to build a business plan. WIT is the prerequisite course to building the life and the business of your dreams, not an MBA crash course. It's where you get to put passion, purpose, people and personal sustainability on par with profit in your work life.
  • Therapy, or a place to come if you have a history of severe mental illness or psychosis. If you are concerned about your suitability, please contact our staff.

What will I learn?

WIT follows a curriculum that is partly curated, and partly responsive. That means we aim to share what we already know will be of value, but try to be responsive to the needs and desires of the group as they emerge.

We talk about taboos, in a confidential and deeply supported way, so that you can...

  • Discover what transition looks and feels like, and where you are in the journey.
  • Explore your passion and purpose, and whether you can turn them into profit.
  • Learn to give and receive feedback.
  • Learn how to resolve conflict, with others, and within yourself.
  • Learn what self-care really means.
  • Learn how to connect to your community.
  • Discover why money matters, and what really counts.
  • Find out how to break through the blocks that may prevent your successful transition to a life you really believe in.
  • Lastly, lear what you still need to learn after WIT.

What will I take away with me?

A tribe, a toolbox for self-exploration and growth, a new perspective on your life, and an invitation to continue your journey alongside some of Bali brightest changemakers.

What is my commitment?

WIT is an intensive experience. Days begin with movement, with intellectual exploration in between, and end with the Challenge process or some fun in the evenings. 

By joining the WIT tribe you commit to the values of Community, Creativity, Conversation and Consciousness.

But as with any learning program, WIT is what you make of it. The more time you spend putting the lessons, tools and concepts you learn and make to work, the better your results will be.

Is WIT only for people moving permanently to Bali?

Not at all! WIT will be of benefit to anyone in a work-life transition, however, you will need to be on island for at least the duration of the course to get the most out of the program.

Why is this program for women only?

Because women are awesome! :-) But mostly, because women face unique challenges and opportunities in the business world, and we find that women progress further and faster when they are supporting each other.

How many participants will there be in the program?

The maximum number of participants is 15. It's intimate, and every woman will have voice.

Are there any scholarships or bursaries that I can apply for?

There is no early bird ticket pricing available. We have priced the program very accessible because we have a mission to build the WIT tribe in Bali. We encourage you to look at this an investment in your future.  

What is my investment? What does the price cover?

The price of the course is: USD$ 1,799 (residential) and your investment includes:

  • A detailed, evidence-based workbook with interactive exercises and strategies that you can use long into the future.
  • Access to a tribe of women who will offer ongoing support through your transition, including peer to peer support, accountability, meet-ups and other opportunities for learning.
  • One month of unlimited membership at Hubud - with 200 - 250 people from all around the world coworking and 35 - 40 events per month, which focus directly on learning and facilitated networking. 
  • A beautiful, intimate ‘classroom’ setting and a chance to learn indoors as well as out, using various modalities and approaches.
  • Fresh air, fresh food and a fresh perspective on life!
  • 6 nights in a private villa (private room).

But just to make sure we don’t lose anyone whose budgets aren’t flexible, we are still offering a chance to join WIT without accommodation on a first come first served basis at USD1,399.

What's your cancellation & refund policy?

If the cancellation is received at least 60 days before the booked program start date, 50 % of the upfront payment (minus the non-refundable deposit) and possible administration costs) will be refunded.

If the cancellation is received in less than 60 days before the booked program start date there will be no refund.

Costs for programs or parts of a program missed due to illness, early departure, delayed arrival, etc. will not be refunded.

We are not liable for the cost of your flight in the event of a cancellation.

See Program's T&C here.

What are the payment conditions?

To book a program, an upfront non-refundable deposit of 50 % of the total amount must be paid. The upfront payment is a part of the total amount and will be deducted from the remaining price.

The upfront payment may be paid in cash, by PayPal, credit card (via PayPal), by bank transfer (all bank charges paid by student) upon receiving an invoice from Hubud.

Outstanding payments are four weeks before the beginning of the program.

What is the Challenge Process?

“Most of us can have a conversation, but not many of us know how to make it count. The art of conversation is more than learning how to ‘say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean’. It’s also about transcending the limits of a problem, cultivating the collective wisdom in the room and getting to inspired solutions. That’s a conversation that can really make a difference”

~ Renée Martyna, Hubud

The Challenge Process trouble-shoots personal and professional blocks with conversation, community, creativity and consciousness. It is a curated experience, led by an experienced facilitator, where you can call on the collective wisdom of others to ease you through a change, or transform your relationship to a problem.

It's an ancient art, really; women have been doing this throughout time.

Here's how we do it on this retreat: Every day, we set aside time to learn how to ask powerful questions, give fearless feedback, and access inspired solutions unique to you-- all within the context of cultivating a supportive community. It is a rich and robust conversation, made so by the considerable experience in the room, and the freedom we have to discuss big problems without fear of judgment, gossip or reproach. Coming together in this way is an act of service; talking it out helps others overcome similar obstacles in their own lives, so everyone benefits.

After experiencing the Challenge Process, most people report a feeling of tremendous relief-- because they now have a concrete way of moving through their challenges which they may never have considered before. Plus, they have the support of their peers to pull it off. The best part is that you can take this tool home with you. Many people have helped friends, family or their business community trascend their difficulties using the Challenge Process.

The process is perfect for anyone who desires to connect more deeply to themselves and others, to improve their communication skills, to resolve conflicts both within and outside themselves, but most importantly, to face life’s challenges with their head up, their eyes, ears and heart open.

Where does WIT take place?

In Bali, it's a full time residential course. Our carefully selected venue is a new retreat centre, surrounded by lush nature, located 20 min drive from Ubud centre. There are 10 ensuite double/twin rooms, all with ceiling fans. The additional facilities just for the group include:

  • A spacious, fenced garden with a beautiful pool.
  • Open air dining table.
  • Spacious yoga shala.
  • A big air conditioned room for playtime and activities.
  • A private spa with 3 private rooms.
  • An organic vegetable and fruit garden.
  • Lots of hang out areas both for adults and kids.

In other countries, this varies. Please refer to the specific program outline you are interested in for details.

Who are the co-facilitators?

The final list of the speakers for each intake will be announced shortly before the start of each course. On the website you can get an idea of who the guest speakers were in the previous intakes. As we have limited time and cannot use them all at once, and not everyone is always available, you will not meet everyone on that list. We also try to adapt the list of the speakers to the profile of the group at the time.

How are the WIT speakers chosen and how do they participate in the program?

WIT guest speakers and co-facilitators vary by availability and the needs of a group. All of these women have been through major transitions themselves and have graciously lent their expertise to the program. Each speaker specializes in a different area—ranging from health and well-being to spiritual and professional acumen. They are all available for a private consult after the program, and many have their own, in depth programs to offer as well. This is your chance to meet these practitioners in an intimate setting, hear their story and get a taste of their work, to see if it suits you or if you are keen to do further, more in-depth work in a particular area. We also have a large network of other practitioners to refer outside the formal program; as facilitators, we aim to connect you to the specific expertise that you need, given your circumstance.


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