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Startup Weekend Bali: Indonesian Edition

14-16 June 2019

No talk, all action! Launch your startup in paradise within 54 hours.

The future of the career world is no longer limited to jobs that trap you in a concrete cubicle, it is freedom; freedom to monetize your passion and work wherever you want. This has changed the way we work, live, and learn – forever. Which is why for this Startup Weekend Bali, we challenge you to create something that fits, supports and promotes the location independent lifestyle revolution.

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What is Startup Weekend Bali?

Organized by Hubud, powered by Techstars, Startup Weekend Bali is part of the global movement of Startup Weekends – a weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable.

With over 1,600 events in over 700 cities and 120 countries, Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals and teams to found successful startups.

All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team.

Over Saturday and Sunday, all of the teams will focus on their customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. On Sunday evening, the teams will demonstrate their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

“Every aspect was fantastic - the warm welcome from the staff, the organization, decorations, food, coaching, photos, videos, and very generous prizes. I’m so glad I decided to attend! I got so much value from the event that I’ve recommended friends to join Startup Weekend Bali whenever it’s held.”

Dave Gowenlock

Founder of Bali Fresh Box

“Startup Weekends are especially exciting for Bali, because this amazing island is a focus point for entrepreneurs and technical whizz kids from all over the world.”

Paul Spence

Founder, iwantmyname
Sponsor of Startup Weekend Bali since 2015

6 reasons to join Startup Weekend Bali

Call us biased, but we think that there are dozens of reasons why you should come to Startup Weekend Bali: Global Startup Weekend.

Learning at Startup Weekend Bali


Startup & Innovation Weekends are all about learning through the act of creating. Don’t just listen to theory, build your own strategy and test it as you go.

Networking at SUWBali


Startup Weekend attracts your community’s best makers and do-ers. Spend a weekend working to build a scalable company, you will build long-lasting relationships and possibly walk away with a job or even an investor.

Find your cofounder at SUWBali

Co-Founder dating

We all know it’s not just about the idea – it’s about the team. Startup Weekend Bali 2018 is hands down the best way to find someone you can actually launch a startup with.

Learn new skills at SUWBali

Learn new skills

Step outside your comfort zone. A whole weekend dedicated to letting your creative juices flow, Startup & Innovation Weekends are perfect opportunities to work on a new platform, learn a new programming language, or just try something different.

Meet community leaders SUWBali

Meet community leaders

Local and international tech and startup leaders participate in Startup Weekend Bali 2018 as coaches and judges. Get some one-on-one time with the movers and shakers in your community, and build your business.

Join global community

Join global community

Join over 45,000 Startup Weekend alumni, all on a mission to change the world. 

Who was mentoring last time?

Chris Thompson

Co-founder of The Bridge @ Green School & Previous Director of Hubud 

Marketing, Sales, Organizational & Product Development

Cori Orak

Co-owner of Ethnotek

Marketing, Team Building, Internal Processes & Communication

Egor Borushko

Co-founder of Running Remote

Business Development, Marketing, Internal Growth & IT

Lavinia Losub

Managing Partner at LIV.IT

Management, Marketing, Legal &  Cross-Cultural Expansions

Jake Orak

Product Designer, Co-owner Ethnotek

Business Planning, Strategy, Product Design & Branding

Clare Harrison

Founder of Start Me Up

Finance, UI, Marketing, Product Development, Edtech & Healthtech

Dai Manuel

Founder & owner of DaiManuel.com

Author, Executive Performance Coach & Lifestyle Mentor

Citra Savitri

Former Impact and Growth Director at Wobe

Marketing, Communications, Advertising & Human Centered Design Thinking


Blair Jones

Former SUW Coach & Founder of Naked Finance

Accounting, Finance, Business coaching, Execution & Cross-border Operations 

Hani Fauzia

Journalist & Communications Manager for IGDORE

Branding, Marketing, Ethical Consideration & Social Impact

Who was judging last time?

Maire Shanahan

Ecommmerce Entrepreneur

Gianpaolo Faccini

Co-founder & IT Project Manager at Mowgli

Melinda Jacobs

Social Innovator & Co-founder Lucent Sky



Throughout the weekend you will be supported by Mentors also known as Coaches, whom of which, attendees see as one of the most valuable features of the weekend! The one-on-one advice given to the teams are invaluable, and a key factor in their growth as a startup.

Mentors themselves enjoy working with teams because it’s a chance to share their knowledge and help other aspiring entrepreneurs. Startup Weekend Bali 2018 Mentors will be revealed 1 by 1, as we move closer to the event.

What happened at Startup Weekend Bali before?

See what you missed and make sure you won’t this time!


Startup Weekend - is it for me?

If you have a business idea and you want to learn how to develop it
If you are someone who has a business and wants to learn how to launch a new product / service or test a new idea
If you are a life-time learner and you want to develop your entrepreneurship skills
If you have no idea, but wanting to learn about how to start a business
If you have no idea, but just want to hang out with some cool people
If you are part of a corporation / government agency and you want to learn how to do innovation
If you are an inventor and you want to learn how to commercialise it

What's your refund policy?

Tickets are not refundable, but transferable. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

What is Techstars?

Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market wherever they choose to live. With dozens of mentorship-driven accelerator programs and thousands of community programs worldwide, Techstars exists to support the world’s most promising entrepreneurs throughout their lifelong journey, from inspiration to IPO. Techstars provides access to tens of thousands of community leaders, founders, mentors, investors, and corporate partners, allowing entrepreneurs to accelerate the pace of innovation and do more faster. Techstars supports every stage of the entrepreneurial journey – from early stage grassroots community development to more formal opportunities that provide education, experience, acceleration, funding, and beyond. Techstars Startup Programs include Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, and Startup Week. 


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