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Running Remote 2018

Build and scale your remote team

Running Remote

Sponsored by Time Doctor and Hubud

June 23-34, 2018

Are you running a remote team or are you about to start one? Then Running Remote Conference 2018 is a perfect match for you. Join a 2-day event where you will learn advanced and actionable strategies to both manage and grow your remote team. You’ll explore every aspect of going remote and heading towards the future of work, including leading remote work tech companies, online collaboration thought leaders and outsourcing business owners under one roof.

This is the type of event you’ve always looked for but never found, right? Running Remote is the first and one of its kind!

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What to expect?

Scaling to a billion dollar remote company: is it possible?

Find out what’s possible when your budget isn’t tied up in office running costs and what could happen when you invest in people and personal growth.

Is a remote team a blockchain?

Remote team culture is built on trustworthy connections, similar to a blockchain – a decentralised grid with intense collaboration. Discover how remote teams work and should “not the right fit” be acceptable?

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How to deal with multiple currencies/countries?

Distributed teams typically share one project between several different countries. Cross-border money management can quickly become an issue. Explore and learn how to master the safest money strategies in 2018.

Mindfully remote

It’s not a secret: being a fully remote employee requires an on-going and conscious personal development. Learn self-organisation, planning, motivation in a non-office scenario, be it at home, in a coworking space or in your temporary beach hut.

Location: the inspiring Green School, Bali

30 kilometers of Bamboo, 9 spirals intertwined: Green School’s main building will host Running Remote Conference 2018.

Immersed in the jungle, this remarkable campus is completely constructed from sustainably-harvested bamboo, powered by renewable energy systems and awarded by The U.S. Green Building Council’s Center as the “2012 Greenest School on Earth“. Its natural classrooms, without walls, foster open minds and new perspectives.

Get energized by starting your morning with an optional yoga class followed by a delicious organic breakfast. Then get inspired by world-class workshops, panel discussions and talks.

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Get practical advice from leading CEO’s, Founders, and Project Managers who build and manage remote teams. No fluff, no muss. Just hard hitting tips from inside the trenches.


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