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"Live less out of habit and more out of intent"

Money Matters

Create mindful money habits by shifting your financial mindset

Workshop I: May 25-26, 2018

Workshop II: June 1-2, 2018

Maybe you don’t make enough of it, or maybe you have more than you know what to do with– but either way, you don’t really like dealing with it.

You are not alone in this. The media talk a lot about money– how to make it, and where to spend it, who has it, and who doesn’t– but most people treat what really matters about money like a taboo.

This is your chance to learn about what really counts when it comes to money.

What will you leave with?

In short: A mindful relationship with money, reduced money-related stress and the knowledge on how to use money as a tool to create an extraordinary life.

A plan for financial freedom

You’ll learn how to create and put a plan in place to achieve wealth and financial freedom.

A better money mindset

Gain the necessary understanding, mindset, clarity, focus, awareness, action, tools and support for your journey.

Reduced stress

Lower stress levels with increased confidence and to make financial decisions.

Money Matters

Master your Money

Take control of the role money plays in your personal and business life so that you are financially supported both now and in the future.

Join the next intake and shift your money mindset

Create a more purposeful and conscious relationship with money. Reduce money-related stress and use money as a tool to create an extraordinary life – a life according to your own terms!

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"Money shouldn't hold you back from living your dream life. It's time to take a different approach with your money!"
Lea Schodel, 2017 Female Financial Adviser of the Year and Money Matters Facilitator

Who is teaching? Meet Lea.

Lea Schodel has an extensive background in personal financial advice (she was named 2017 Female Financial Adviser of the Year and 2016 Money Management Young Achiever of the Year), and holds qualifications in personal finance, yoga, wellness coaching, mindfulness and as a certified money coach.

The programs she facilitates are holistic and creative to support individuals to create a conscious and purposeful relationship with money and to use it in ways that support them to create and live the life they dream. Lea runs courses online, individual and group coaching programs, face to face workshops and wealth/wellness retreats in Australia, Bali and India.

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Your path to financial freedom

With Money Matters you can expect an interactive, creative, fun and innovate 2-day workshop series that will change your views on all things money through self-awareness, connection, visioning and intentional action.

The program outline for both workshops will look as follows:

Aligning money with the life you want

25 – 26 May, 2018

Designed to help individuals (whether employed or self-employed) take steps to creating a conscious and purposeful relationship with money.

Applying principles of mindfulness, psychology and personal finance, we will explore what money really is and how to create a relationship with it and use it in ways that best supports you in the life you wish to live.

Day One: Creating Awareness

  • Money Habitudes
  • Wealth vs Wellth
  • Conscious vs Unconscious Beliefs
  • Applications for work and growth
  • Money mindfulness – thoughts, feelings, actions circle
  • Values & Decision Making

Day two: Taking Action

  • Visioning: Connection to your Future Self
  • Developing supportive money habits and behaviours
  • Creating a financial self-care plan
  • Applications for work and growth
  • Taking action to create financial wellbeing

The Shift from Employee to Entrepreneur

1 – 2 June, 2018

Navigate the sometimes challenging financial shift of working for yourself. Reach a level of success in business with a conscious relationship with money, and let go of the scarcity mindset.

Redefine what is enough and learn how to fund your startup and create a financially viable and sustainable business model.

Day One: The Entrepreneur’s money mindset

  • The essential mindset shifts every entrepreneur needs to make
  • The time / $ exchange
  • Making friends with your numbers
  • Redefining enough / Re-defining success
  • Funding your Startup
  • What they won’t tell you – the hurdles
  • Financial independence – the new retirement

Day Two: The journey to a wealthy entrepreneurial life

  • The leap – the ways to make the transition
  • Creating a financially viable and sustainable business model – what you like/are good at VS what people will pay you for
  • Making the numbers work – intentional pricing and spending plans
  • Owning your value – charging what you’re worth
  • Scaling the business – reach and resources
  • Future proofing your business and finances


Price for each 2-day course


Price for both courses


"Lea’s perspective on financial flow is one of the most innovative & refreshing I have ever heard. After Lea shared some powerful mindset shifts around money, wealth and pricing, the group of individuals were in back in action again and clear on the path to making their unique difference in the world a reality. There is no greater gift than that!"

Leah H

"It was an absolute pleasure to have Lea speak at a recent League of Extraordinary Women event. Her unique approach to educating the women who attended on how to make money work for you and your business was both engaging and enlightening. I’m confident Lea has changed many of the attendees relationship with money for the better. Thanks Lea!"


"I really love Lea's teaching method and it already has a BIG impact on the way I think about money and wealth, and changing my mindset and spending behavior. I especially love 'The way that we approach our money is the same way that we should approach all other areas of our lives', it blew me away and it was a big AHA moment."


"I had the pleasure of having Lea speak at one of our Self-Love breakfast events. Lea spoke so beautifully, she has such an important message to share with everyone! Her essence made the room captivated and she not only shared her teachings but also her personality. Her talk was more than insightful, I personally took many things away from it."

Alana Arvanitis


What is the program about?

Two - 2day workshops that can be taken separately or purchased together on the topic of financial wellness.The workshops are designed to support and inspire Entrepreneurs, Global Nomads, Travellers, Freedom Seekers, Coaches, Creatives, Yogis, Health & Wellness Professionals to create more purposeful and conscious relationship with money. To reduce money-related stress and enable you to use money as a tool to create an extraordinary life - a life according to your own terms!A creative journey that will focus on the development of a mindset towards wealth and the application of attitudes, beliefs, habits and behaviors that will support you personally and professionally to use money in a way that create a life you love.

Is it coaching? Or learning program?

This learning program will include personal exercises focussed on your own goals, however there will be broader discussions on how to make realistic plans to achieve your goals and mind-opening revelations to allow you to dream bigger.

What Money Matters is not…

  • A get rich quick or salesy finance and investment seminar
  • A death by powerpoint presentation / workshop
  • A boring money workshop

You should come to Money Matters program if:

  • You are ready to create a conscious and supportive relationship with money
  • Eager to take back control of your life and use money in a way that helps you create a positive future
  • Keen to transition from employed to entrepreneur
  • Keen to shift limiting beliefs and habits with money
  • Would like to ensure that your relationship with money doesn’t hold you back personally or professionally
  • Would like to develop a new relationship with money through an interactive and creative process

You should not come if:

  • You are seeking personal financial advice or investment advice
  • You aren’t willing to unlearn old or limiting beliefs, habits and behaviours to make way for new and empowered ones
  • You aren’t willing to do the work it takes to invest in your mindset and financial future and wellbeing

How many participants will there be in the program?

The maximum number of participants is 20.

Where does the program take place?

The workshops will take place at Hubud and will run from 10am to 3pm daily.

What are the payment conditions?

You can pay the course fee upfront via Eventbrite.

What's your cancellation & refund policy?

If the cancellation is received at least 60 days before the booked program start date, 50 percent of the upfront payment (minus the non-refundable deposit) and possible administration costs) will be refunded.

If the cancellation is received in less than 60 days before the booked program start date there will be no refund.

Costs for programs or parts of a program missed due to illness, early departure, delayed arrival, etc. will not be refunded.

We are not liable for the cost of your flight in the event of a cancellation.

See Program's T&C here.


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