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Come with an idea, leave with a business

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Launch30 is an ‘all hands on deck’ startup sprint that will have you operating a location independent business in just 30 days.

Next intake: 14 Jan to 11 Feb 2019

So if you have a business idea and you’re willing to send yourself to a tropical island – then we’ll set you up with a location independent source of income and turn you into a digital nomad by the time the month is out.

Hubud programs have already helped over a thousand entrepreneurs from 40 countries, and we’d be honored to work with you too.

“One of the world’s best coworking spaces”

“One of the best workspaces worldwide”

”Top 10 Coworking Spaces on Earth”

“Best Coworking Space 2017”

Start an online business now

Launch30 is a fast moving business startup programme in Bali. In just 30 days our team will help you to create and launch your online business.

  • All you need is an idea and a good work ethic
  • Huge time savings (6 months of work in 30 days)
  • A jumpstart & a shortened learning curve
  • Fast progress aimed to create fast results
  • Less anxiety, confusion and procrastination
  • The chance to experience the magic of Bali
  • An established location independent income
  • Plug into a thriving community of entrepreneurs
  • Learn from experts who are doing it now
  • Accountability and group support
  • Low cost of living while you launch

The end results

Let’s drill down even further and get the specific returns on your investment. In 30 days you will have: 

A concise mission and business vision

Get crystal clear on what your company is all about, how it aligns with your values, and how to communicate that to others.


A perfect sales pitch and the confidence to match

If you want to make money, you need to sell things. We’ll help you get confident in turning prospective clients into paying customers.


Authentic website copy to sell you and your product

Every solo entrepreneur needs to know the fundamentals of good copywriting. You’ll work with a pro to get your website sounding amazing.


Professional logo design and business branding

Look good, feel good. Design your logo, build your branding book and set up brand guidelines to keep your brand look and feel consistent.


A marketing funnel designed and launched

We’ll help you to structure, write and automate your first marketing funnel so you can sit back and watch the leads come in.

Your website live and ready

Your website, launched! Work with our web design team to find a template that suits your business, customize it and get your offer online. You’ll also learn to maintain it!


Professional photography

We’ll schedule a private and fun photoshoot to get your profile pics, and online presence sorted. You will also learn to set up and build an image library as well as how to legally source images.


A scripted explainer video

We’ll help you to script and shoot your first online video to connect with clients and build your network. You’ll start to develop your Youtube platform and learn to optimize each piece of content.


Communications and media plans

Build out your content and media plan for the first 90 days to establish a brand presence and create a consistent and authentic narrative to drive business to your site.


A sustainable financial plan

Get help working through the numbers and make sure your business financials are realistic and validated. If you need to find backers we can help you to create an investment proposal.

Your investment ALSO includes:

Hubud conversation

One on one coaching

You will have four private sessions with a business coach during Launch30, to challenge and support you as you launch your business and your new life.

75+ hours of focused workshops

Launch30 is built on a strong foundation of business principles. It focuses on action, growth hacking, and the lean startup methodology. Come prepared to learn, question and apply a ton of new material.

Technology, demystified

As part of Launch30, we will make sure your all the software you need to run your business (think mail campaigns, calendar scheduler, invoicing, etc.) are live AND playing nicely with each other. No more swearing.

Hubud conference room space rental in Bali

Website hosting & maintenance

We will take care of your hosting and website support for the first 90 days to make sure everything is working well, and you establish a good maintenance regime to keep your site humming.

Hubud membership + community

Dive into Hubud; connect with the incredible community, learn something new at one of the 30+ events/month, and get productive in one of the world’s Top 10 Coworking Spaces (Forbes 2016, Lonely Planet 2017).


There will be time off, there will be time to reflect, and there will be fun. We’ll have activities for every level of adventurer – from meditation to bike rides in the countryside.

Meet your team of experts

Launch30 is a business boot camp on steroids so we’ve brought the heavy lifters to you.

During each week of the month you’ll be armed with a crack team of startup professionals to help you put your ideas into commercial action immediately. We’ve got marketers, copywriters, web designers, photographers and social media experts ready to apply their expertise to your business.

Nicole Mas

Tribe Leader

L30 Program Director & Consultant

Steve Munroe

Entrepreneurial visionary

Cofounder & CEO of Hubud

Lea Schodel

Financial Wellness Coach

Director of Wellthy & Founder of the Mindful Wealth Movement

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Business Development Coach

Previous director of Hubud and Green School Bali

Milan Amin

Digital Marketing

Co-founder of The Notorious Hustlers


Ulrike Reinhold

Photography & Visual Media

Owner of UR Photography

Gianpaolo Faccini

Gianpaolo Faccini

Website strategist and developer

Co-founder & IT Project Manager at Mowgli


Hannah Black


Creator of Bali Kids Guide

Curious but need more information?

Smart move. Starting an online business is a big step, and we recommend you do your research.

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Program breakdown

Weekly timeline

Each week of the Launch30 program has a different focus in order to complete your journey from idea to business. Every day is different but filled with professional growth, business consultations and learning sessions where you’ll work step by step to assemble your business.

From defining your idea to launching your website and marketing plan and then working to secure your first client – expect to follow this proven plan for starting an online business and enjoy the full support of our professionals along the way.

Week 1

Vision and Positioning


Here you’ll meet the team, get established with your instructors, develop a resilience plan, get concrete on your vision, name your business, define your audience, collect your SEO data and then set up your business plan.

It’s a big week but there’s a chance to relax on Sunday with a fun excursion to revitalize you for week two.

Week 2

Marketing Strategy 


This week you’ll develop a digital and social marketing plan, lock down your brand tone and begin to execute an integrated marketing strategy.

There’s an exciting pitch day and you’ll also choose a website template that creatively represents your brand.

Week 3

Build A Digital Presence


In week three you will get to feel your brand truly come to life. Each day you’ll be working with our experts to create your logo, write your copy and begin making your digital marketing content on video.

There are also photography and feedback sessions to assist your social media goals and you can expect to be over half way through a huge to-do list.

Week 4

Stock Your Toolkit


This week you’ll build your business skills and technical toolkit as well as continue to create the social and marketing content you need.

You’ll optimize your website for SEO and register your business with Google before heading out into the wilds of Bali for an adventure to celebrate your hard work.

Week 5

Launch & Party


These last two days are where you’ll clean up the final tasks and tell the world what you’ve done.

Launch week is the most exciting time, you’ll be posting the marketing content you’ve worked so hard on and approaching your first customer.

Dates and location

Next Intake: 14 January – 11 February 2019
You will work hard from Monday to Saturday, but don’t worry you have Sundays to chill out.

14 Jan (Monday) – Kickoff 
27 Jan & 3 Feb (Sundays) – Excursions
11 Feb (Monday) – Celebration

Daily format:
Coffee and check-in 9:00 – 9:30
Workshop sessions 9:30 – 12:00
Independent execution time – remainder of the day

All the sessions take place at Hubud
It’s a thriving coworking space full of digital nomads and online entrepreneurs who are already living the location independent lifestyle. The Launch30 group sessions are private, but the unique environment at Hubud creates an unbeatable launch pad for new online business owners.

Take the leap and launch: Apply now for January

Now’s the time to stop second-guessing yourself and make a commitment to the future life you want. Launch30 is only open to people who are as serious about starting their online business as we are about making it happen.

Apply now


Who is the ideal candidate?

You are the ideal candidate if:

  • You’ve got a solid idea and you qualify as a infopreneur, you create informational products and services from your own life experience and knowledge.
  • You’ve got 30 days to dedicate towards launching your business and you’re prepared to be focussed, work hard and succeed.
  • You’re inspired, excited and open to personal growth and change.
  • You are ready to take the leap!

Do I need a business idea to apply?

Yes! The Launch30 is for people that have a sound idea that they are prepared to execute on. If you would like some help to have some feedback on your idea to see if it is Launch30 ready, you can book an Idea Validation call with Steve Munroe, Hubud’s Cofounder.

How does the application process work?

Step 1 – Online Application
You apply by completing our short application form – immediately after applying you’ll receive a confirmation email that we have received it.

Step 2 – Shortlist Decision
You will receive an email from us within 4-7 days letting you know whether you have been shortlisted for a phone interview and asking you to book a slot.

Step 3 – Phone Interview
We will give you a call at the agreed time. This is a chance for us to spend 15 minutes together understanding whether your objectives are a good fit for Launch30 and we feel we can properly support you.

Step 4 – Place Offer
You will receive an email from us within a week of the call letting you know whether we are able to offer you a place at Launch30.

Step 5 – Your Acceptance
If you are offered a place you will have a time window to confirm your place, make your deposit payment, and begin preparing for a life changing month in Bali.

If I am not accepted, can I apply to future intakes?

Absolutely. Through our interview process we can let you know what areas require additional work and we’d be excited to have you apply to a future intake.

Why is it worth applying early?

Applications will be reviewed in the order that they are submitted. So the earlier you apply, the better your chance of being offered a place.

Can I bring my business partner(s)?

You can apply with a partner but we will assess your applications separately and decide this on a case by case basis.

What will I take away with me?


  • A clear and concise mission and vision of your business
  • Your perfect sales pitch and the confidence to roll it out
  • Website copy that sells your product in an authentic tone
  • Professional logo design and business branding
  • A launched website and the tools for maintenance
  • A professional and fun photography session
  • A customized video featuring you and your business
  • A supportive tribe of fellow intrapreneurs

What will I learn?

  • The steps and actions required to launch a business.
  • The skills to run your business: communication, time management, hiring and working with online partners, marketing, branding and sales, content creation, financial planning, technical tools and skills to administer your business, public speaking/pitching.
  • How to listen to other ideas, provide valuable feedback, apply changes to your plan, how to be location independent.

What is my commitment?

  • Show up to the workshops daily, being present for each session will support your success and momentum to reach launch in 30 days...having done the prework.
  • Follow the plan and complete assignments on time.  You’ll be given work assignments every day that will need to be completed with the deadline to ensure you’re successful.

What is your attendance policy?

In order to guarantee you’ll launch on day 30, you’ll need to attend every session.  If you’re not able to attend due to illness, please discuss with us how we can make up the time.  Video recordings will be available and interactive activities can be done independently if required.

How much time will I spend doing independent work?

Your mornings will spent in workshops and afternoon and evenings (if needed) will be spent doing independent work. It is estimated you will need to work 4-6 hours each day on independent work.

Where does the course take place?

At Hubud coworking space in Ubud, Bali.

How do I take care of myself during the program?

It is important to know that the 30 days will be very busy and, at times, stressful. Not unlike launching your own business! We will work with you to develop a Resilience Plan before you get to Bali, so that you can have an experience of taking care of yourself while you are very busy. We find this it the most effective way for people to make selfcare a priority and part of your life during and after your time in Bali.

This may include things like regular massages, working with a personal trainer at a gym, scheduled nature escapes and/or developing a meaningful and practical mindfulness practise.

What's included in the program fee?

  • The 30 day program and all the content
  • Morning coffee break
  • 2 weekend excursions
  • 2 celebration dinners

What’s not included?

  • Return flights to Bali
  • Meals
  • Additional service offers from our team of experts that our outside of the agreed scope
  • Accommodation

What’s the payment process?

You’ll be required to pay USD1,000 to book your spot. The remaining payment is due 30 days before the program starts.

What's your refund policy?

All deposits and tuitions are non refundable, but can be applied to future intakes.


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