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From Idea to Execution

Get your business live in 6 days in Bali

Dates for 2018 to be announced soon

The I2E course is designed to help you rapidly move from “great idea” to “validated prototype”‘ to “execution and launch”, so you can start running the business you’ve been dreaming of.

What will you leave with?

Simple: Clarity, structure and the confidence to execute your business idea.

Hubud connectivity

Courage to execute

Learn to validate opportunities, prototype rapidly and execute confidently…KNOWING that you are on to something great and have the tools and resources to launch.

Action plan

Pitch perfect

Hone your pitch, so you are able to connect with customers, convince investors and inspire your team. You will have a chance to raise your public speaking and presentation game.

Roadmap for success

Tools for YOUR business

The focus of this course will be on solo entrepreneurs or those with small teams, as will the tools and solutions. You’ll also get help with how to prioritize and focus with a smaller team.

Your ideal client

We can’t promise you will have a customer by the end of the week… but you will know exactly who they are, what they are looking for and how to reach them.

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Who is teaching? Meet Aaron.

Honestly, Aaron isn’t for everyone. He is, at times, confrontational. He will push you, challenge your long held assumptions, and force you to be honest and ambitious. Be prepared for a busy 6 days.

Aaron Mashano, Founder of Leaders of Tomorrow [LOT] Group and I2E Facilitator

Born in Zambia, Aaron moved to Australia to study Law and Commerce at the University of Sydney. While studying, he set up numerous successful business ventures that enabled him and his clients to live more successfully and make a bigger difference in their communities. With over a decade of experience in the Vocational Education Training (VET) sector, Aaron founded the Leaders of Tomorrow [LOT] Group.

Aaron has consulted with organizations like FAIRFAX MEDIA, OPSM, NAB, The Red Cross, Mission Australia and Jesuit Social Services. He’s also coaching numerous Upstarts at Google Startup Incubator Events, and is an international speaker. Aaron currently dedicates his time to making an impact through his Social Enterprises, books, audios, workshops, consulting and angel investing.

Learn more about Aaron from this video.

Listen to Aaron explaining what I2E really is

Want to see Aaron in action?

Aaron has hosted a free webinar to discuss the tools you can use to qualify ideas to see if they are viable business opportunities. Stick your email in below to get a FREE webinar recording on to identify which of your great ideas is a genuine, marketable business opportunity.

Your path to launching your business

The I2E course is designed to help you rapidly move from idea to validation to execution, so you can launch your business.

Here is what each day will look like:

Day 1: Identification

Start with the end goal in mind: what does a business that reflects your passion look like:

  • Identifying/articulating your skills and passions
  • Identifying market opportunities that reflect those
  • Understanding Ideas vs Opportunities

Day 2: Prototype

Rapid, agile business planning: learn to prototype, learn and iterate to find a product/market fit:

  • Learn how to prototype, quickly and effectively
  • Identifying and stress testing your business model
  • Apply opportunity hacks and early validation tactics

Day 3: Execute

Most business ideas never get past the dreaming stage: this is the day you become statistically exceptional:

  • How to package, price and present your product
  • Marketing and sales strategies that are scalable
  • Essential online tools to manage your business efficiently

Day 4:  Understand

Getting into the business with your eyes wide open: let’s take a look under the hood:

  • Resource and expense management
  • External pressures (timing, market, etc)
  • Foundations for the different stages of business growth
  • Identifying your ideal customer and needed resources

Day 5: Share

Today will tackle one of the single most important determinants of business success: communication:

  • Get REALLY comfortable with communicating the value of you and your product
  • Overcoming the fear of failure + fear of sales
  • Intentional networking: How to widen and rely on your base

Day 6: Celebrate

Challenge yourself while celebrating with your peers: join us for an exclusive experience of the Balinese martial art of Mepantigan.

"I attended Aaron's workshop and it was one of the best workshops of my career I must say. In a matter of 12 months my business went from making dismal losses to a profit (which I could not foresee when we first started)."


Serial Entrepreneur

"From the time I signed up for Aaron's workshop, it took me only two months to start up my business, connect with my ideal clients and make a profit. Aaron not only pushed me out of my comfort zone, but also offered support in this life transition and helped bounce business ideas."


Finance Industry

"Aaron is a phenomenal public speaker who has so much energy and passion when speaking in front of large groups of people. He is extremely inspiring and I'm very grateful that he spent time with us at AIESEC Melbourne."


Entreprenuer/Law Student

"Aaron's coaching style is like... it's doing the impossible. It's a combo of - whip smart business strategy, taking action, prototyping, getting results, aligning my business with my life, habits and goals, systems, mindset, and a whole holistic perspective. I won't be anywhere where I am today without Aaron."


Fashion brand: Wildflower

Ready to launch your business?

Apply here for the program in 2018 and we’ll notify when it’s happening.



Is this course for me?

This course is for you if:

  • You have an idea/passion but don't know how to turn it it into a business
  • Have a business but looking to monitize
  • Confused about how to identify your ideal client
  • Needing more structure in your business
  • Need more support on next steps
  • In a job/contract and looking to go out on your own someday .

This course is not for you if:

  • You are closed minded
  • Not prepared to work in teams
  • Not prepared to test yourself by participating as best as possible.

Is this course for business owners only?

It’s for people who are ready to start a business, or are running one that they want to improve.

I don't know what I'm good at and what I'm passionate about to know what career or business to create. Will this program help me?

Yes, on day 1 that is exactly where we will start off. If you want to start a meaningful business, you need to start by getting clear on what has meaning FOR YOU.

I have a business already, it’s profitable but I know I could do better. Is this program for me?

Yes, if you are finding yourself stuck it is likely because one or more of the key components of this course are not properly addressed. Whether it is a poor product market fit, ineffective marketing techniques or simply a lack of alignment between your passion and your business, things will not run smoothly. It only takes one misaligned wheel on a car to cause a terrible road trip!

Will I have time throughout the course to actually work on my business?

Some; and we will bring in live examples from the group members’ businesses wherever possible. There will be 1-2 hours on site each day where you will have time to execute on what you have learned, but the days will be quite full.

I have an idea of what I want to do for work, but don't know how to create my first offer (what niche problem do I solve?), know my ideal client, and my message. Will this program help me?

Absolutely, this is the main focus group for this course. You have an idea, and the aim is to translate that into a plan, and timeline and action.

I want to create my business while being location independent. Will that course help?

All of the techniques discussed and tools shared will be appropriate for location independent businesses, and the majority of participants will be creating location independent businesses.

What's the format of the course - coaching, workshop, talk?

About 30% of the time will be spent on content delivery from Aaron or one of the guest experts. The remainder will be exercise, small group work, real life examples active work like pitch practises, etc.

What's the max people you accept per intake?

The maximum number of participants will be 24.

How much it costs? What does the price cover?

The price of the course is: USD999 (USD799 Early Bird) and it covers: the instructor fee, materials, yummy lunches and Unlimited membership at Hubud for one month.

What are the payment conditions?

To book a program, an upfront non-refundable deposit of USD100 of the total amount must be paid. The upfront payment is a part of the total amount and will be deducted from the remaining price.

The upfront payment may be paid in cash, by PayPal, credit card (via PayPal), by bank transfer (all bank charges paid by student) upon receiving an invoice from Hubud.

Outstanding payments are four weeks before the beginning of the program.

What's your cancellation & refund policy?

If the cancellation is received at least 60 days before the booked program start date, 50 percent of the upfront payment (minus the non-refundable deposit) and possible administration costs) will be refunded.

If the cancellation is received in less than 60 days before the booked program start date there will be no refund.

Costs for programs or parts of a program missed due to illness, early departure, delayed arrival, etc. will not be refunded.

We are not liable for the cost of your flight in the event of a cancellation.

See Program's T&C here.


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