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We’ve got stories alright! War-wound, warts-and-all tales that we don’t mind telling the truth about.

We have achieved — and learned — a lot since launching Hubud, CU Asia and CAAP. We’d love to share what worked, and what didn’t, with your community.

Steve Munroe at TEDxBarcelonaED, 2016

Steve Munroe, Hubud’s Co-founder, shares how he—and many like him—left more ‘lucrative’ lines of work for a life of greater purpose, connection and satisfaction in the new creative economy. He implores us to educate ourselves in the greatest skill that economy will require: the ability to change.

Renee Martyna at Awakened Women Conference, Bali 2017

Renee Martyna, Hubud’s Co-owner talks about truth, tribe and how the worst moment of your life led to the very best one too, if you listen carefully for your calling.

What to keep in mind:

  • We can’t be everywhere at once, but we will never ignore genuine requests.
  • Go ahead, ask for what you really want us to talk about, we love new ideas!
  • Early warning always works best. It makes planning and travel so much easier.

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