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#HumansofHubud: Vitto Christaldi

Living in Bali.August 3, 2018
By Vitto Christaldi
Vitto is the Head of Learning and Experience of Hubud

Hi! My name is Vitto Christaldi and I am now 27 years old. I was born and grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the age of 17, I went to the Netherlands to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in communication and media. I wanted to be a radio DJ and I dreamed to work at a radio station. At least the idea of becoming a radio host sounded super hot around the year of 2008. Four years went past, and I got my Bachelor degree. And after 4 years, I fell in love with the Netherlands, and I made another promise to myself: I wanted to become a Dutch national. In my early-20s, I found a place that I felt I belong to. I felt that life and culture in the Netherlands were far more progressed than in Indonesia.

I didn’t feel judged, nor looked different. I felt loved, by my friends and by the country. And, for someone who can’t eat spicy food, it was definitely a perfect home.

Leaving “home”

At the beginning of 2014, I was suggested to leave the country because I had no more reason (and money) to extend my visa. By this time, I have applied to hundreds of companies, but no luck. I remember my last two job interviews in the Netherlands. Three weeks before my visa was due to expire, I tried my last streak of luck: I applied to be a steward for one of the world’s largest airlines. Yes, a steward. I thought, if I couldn’t stay in the Netherlands, then I should at least find a job that allows me to travel. And I secretly (not-secretly) love airplanes. I stood up in line at the airline’s open day, and I remember every applicant was so beautiful and gorgeous. Long story short, I didn’t get the job. Two weeks later, I received an email from a company in South Holland. The owner asked me to meet him at a cafe for an interview. This interview was my very last chance, set only one day before my visa expiration. It was a very casual interview. He told me he was interested to hire me, but that the company didn’t have the budget required by the government to apply for a work visa. I remember begging him to give me any job because I didn’t want to leave, and all I wanted was an opportunity to gain any knowledge, anything, and I saw the company as a platform to learn. I begged, but he couldn’t give me the job. I understood. Ah well, at least I tried On March 27th, 2014, I left the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The idea of coming back to Indonesia frightened me. I was scared that no one would understand me, or that I wouldn’t be able to express myself like I freely did in the Netherlands. I was scared that I would be depressed. I knew I had to move to Bali.

It’s the most international province in Indonesia. Surely, someone in Bali would understand me and would want to become my friend.

Then Hubud found me …

Immediately after I arrived in Jakarta, I started to look for a job in Bali. I sent my CV to almost all the International organisations in based on the island, whether they were looking for staff or not. And I landed at a page of a coworking space in Ubud name Hubud.

Hubud’s founder, Peter Wall, replied to my message and we exchanged some emails. I flew to Bali a week later, where I met Peter Wall and Steve Munroe. They seemed cool.

When I was sitting in the plane back to Jakarta, I received an email from Peter that they wanted me to start working for Hubud immediately to coordinate the events at Hubud. After all the rejections, one company said they wanted me. Until this day, I believe I was destined to receive that yes from Hubud.

And I’m still here …

Today, four years later, I’m still working for Hubud as the Head of Learning and Experience, bashing the theory that millennials change jobs every 1–2 years. I could list ten reasons why Hubud managed to convince a millennial like me to stay in the company for longer than 2 years, but that is not why I wrote this blog.

Here’s my own theory about life: I dreamed, and so it shall be. My dreams are the beginning of my endeavour.

As I sit here, writing this post, I am remembering my last days in the Netherlands. First, I didn’t manage to make Holland my home, but I hustled and I made Bali mine. It turned out to be a pretty awesome home. I didn’t get the opportunity to learn from that company in South Holland, but I now have a job at Hubud, the epicentrum of knowledge and ideas around the future of work and location independent movement.

I also didn’t get to become a flight attendant, but nowadays I fly, and I fly pretty often.

And now, while writing, I am dreaming, that I will learn more and fly even more in the future.


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