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This is not just your regular shop

Through the Hubud shop we want to give you the chance to find items that will remind you over-and-over again why you left your old lifestyle behind, and started this exciting and unconventional journey.


These office-envy tees are made from cotton combed soft fabric and are suited for both ladies and gents. Click right or left to see more pictures.

Personalize the statement on the shirt that inspires you the most as a digital nomad. Here are your options:

Our Work Is Changing / Get Remotivated / Post-Cubicle Survivor /

  • Fancy yourself with no words but a cool logo of Hubud!

We have all of them in the three most popular colors: Black, Grey, and Beige. All sizes are available from S to XL. So, choose the design, the color, and the size for your tee and then pay only IDR 150,000 and let the tee do its job: revealing yourself as a cool digital nomad!

Tote bag

Why carry around a heavy bag  when you can walk around with functional fashion?  Embrace Bali. Live lightly. Check out our tote bags, and show the whole world that you’re part of Hubud’s community!

The tote bags are colored in broken white to be easily suitable with any of your daily outfits! You will only need to choose the words you’d like to have to represent you at your best. The same as our cool t-shirts, you can have ‘Our Work Is Changing’, ‘Get Remotivated’, or ‘Post-Cubicle Survivor’ beautifully written on your unique bag.

Or… are you a proud member of Hubud? Sometimes it’s a good idea to brag about it to everyone you meet! Leave all the statements and go with our signature and very special designs! You can have one of these unique tote bags with very reasonable price, which is IDR 100,000.

Laptop Stand

We totally get the freedom of working on a laptop – but, we are also aware of the disadvantages.  Laptop stands definitely make working at a desk more comfortable. They are made out of high quality wood that make them sturdy and most importantly, eco-friendly.

You can only find them at Hubud and nowhere else! They are carved and originally designed by one of our talented people on the Hubud team, Bhuana. Yes, these are very useful and fancy but they only cost IDR 400,000/each.

I want it

Would you like to get your hands on these amazing products? You can order them at Hubud.


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