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Make powerful connections that can change the course of your entire life.

If TED talks + Udemy + LinkedIn had a digital-nomad child, it would be Hubud Global.

The biggest complaint we hear is that our members can’t bring Hubud home with them. We’re humbled by that, and we get it: the level of support, camaraderie, and growth that Hubud facilitates is outstanding.

So, we created an online home for Hubud—so members never have to leave (well, at least not digitally).

Skill-sharing sessions + lectures. International networking. Community support. Our online platform is geared for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, startups, and expats—and dreamers who plan on joining the tribe.

“When you’re an entrepreneur, there are a lot of gaps in your knowledge, about new technologies, about new ways of working or new strategies. Hubud Global… I can’t think of a better place for entrepreneurs to post a question, or seek support for their business. How do you do email marketing campaigns? How do you do Facebook Ads? It’s all in the tips of your fingers. This has been a huge game changer for me and my business to get that type of support.”

Lydia Lee

Screw The Cubicle Founder

Hubud Global: learning opportunities

Access energetic + intelligent experts anywhere

Hubud Global is your all-inclusive backstage pass to Hubud’s lectures, learning events and skill-shares. No matter where you are—curled-up during a monsoon in your Balinese villa, back home for a visit with family, or daydreaming behind your employer’s computer screen—you can access the wealth of education we have to offer.

Hubud Global: an online learning platform

An online learning platform tailored for Hubudians

Being on the leading-edge of lifestyle + business makes our community exceptional—we want to learn, grow, and think in ways that are often ahead of the mainstream. Hubud Global solves the problem of learning for free-thinkers, self-starters, and digital nomads by offering material that can’t be found anywhere else, made by emerging experts in their fields.

Hubud Global: international business alliances

International business alliances + opportunities abound

Hubud Global’s social network is engineered to create meaningful and valuable connections between members. Masterminds, business support, and dedicated groups for collaboration create a thriving community of doers + thinkers. Whether you’re looking for job opportunities, a designer to craft your new logo, or some quick advice on a client proposal—the possibilities for professional expansion are endless.

Sometimes the most transformative aspect of travel is the people you meet.

Hubud Global opens up the gateway to maintain connections, find new friends, and get acquainted with the culture of Bali— anywhere our members are located.

Hubud Global: groups

Groups: find your people and expand your circle

Sometimes the only people who can help you are… your people. And sometimes the person who’s got an answer to your question is someone you would have never met outside of Hubud Global. So if you need to speak the same language {whether that’s German, Indonesian, or code} or if you need support from a brand new perspective, there’s a group for you—with members inside waiting to help out.

Hubud Global: community of likeminded people

Get support from a community of like-minded peeps

Truth-seekers, freespirits, business rebels + adventure-artisans unite in our dynamic online community. Are you a first time digital nomad? Get advice on what it’s really like to take the leap. More advanced in your globe-trotting? Get perspectives from seasoned travelers on topics like co-working in Europe, managing family finances abroad, or crossing borders in Africa. Share successes, make introductions, fight the inevitable “nomad blues” + get the inside scoop on secret events.

Hubud Global: meet friends + allies before your journey

Meet friends + allies before your journey

Imagine arriving to your destination with coffee plans in place. Hubud Global not only unites our Bali-based community, it also allows members who have moved on to meet up in other locations. If you’re traveling alone, Hubud Global is an incredible place to feel less isolated and more excited—if you’re in a couple or a group, Hubud Global will introduce you to new people with similar interests. Who knows—you could meet your new best friend, project collaborator, or romantic partner!

Hubud Global: make plans before you arrive

Make solid plans + get sorted before you get on the plane

There’s a lot to get sorted before you arrive—housing, transportation, and where to grab the best espresso in town. Our helpful community is all about reciprocity and kindness; ask and you just might find the perfect villa, roommates, and the next hottest music event under the blazing Bali moon.

Hubud Global: keep in touch

Keep in touch,
no matter what

Staying connected isn’t always easy, especially when people are dropping out of Facebook for distraction-free, purpose-based lifestyles. Hubud Global allows you to stay in the loop + keep a profile so anyone in the international community can find you, easily.

Launch your digital nomad experience. Make lasting partnerships + friends. Get business opps you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re positive that Hubud Global has the potential to change your life in meaningful, exciting ways. We’ve curated and organized a deep wealth of easily accessible workshops, skill-share sessions, and lectures on cutting-edge topics. We’ve made this the most exciting, most thorough resource online for people just like you—and we’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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How much does it cost?

Less than you think! Annual Membership: $120USD Flat Rate or an Monthly Membership billed at $15USD/month

Sweet, how can I pay?

TBD—We’re working on it now but most probably it’s a monthly membership with a recurring payment via PayPal. Sign up to be an early adopter and get notifications as soon as we get rolling!

How big is this commitment?

You can cancel your membership at anytime—although we’re betting that you won’t want to. ;) 

Do I get access to the digital membership if I’m an active Hubud member?

Yes, every Hubud member (from Casual to Unlimited) gets FREE access to our platform, with the exception of Day Passes. Once your membership at Hubud has finished, you’ll still have one month of digital membership. After that period you’ll be asked to purchase it separately. 

Do I get to participate in the events?

That is exactly why we’ve created the platform. We’re live streaming our events so that you get to participate as if you were here: you can ask questions, chat with others, etc. Can’t attend? Worry not. The recording of the talk will be available max. 4 hours later. 

If I decided to attend an event. Will I be notified when it starts?

Yes, we’ll be sending out pushed notification an hour and 10 min before the event starts. And remember—there will be recording available after the event so no worries if you cannot join.

I can’t watch events live. Do you have recordings?

Yes, all talks are recorded and published up to 4h after the event, together with additional materials from a presenter.

Can anyone submit a workshop or skill-share?

At the moment, all the classes on Hubud Global are filmed at our headquarters in Bali. In the future, though, we will be accepting online workshops to be distributed for our community. 

What types of groups are there?

There are several Bali-related groups (i.e. #WheretofindinBali, Reviews, Accommodations, Visa & Immigrations, Bali Events; etc.), Jobs Marketplace, News to Celebrate, Future of Work, and of course, Hubud-related groups.

Can I join and contribute to any of the groups?

You can join and contribute to any groups you like! Hubud Global is an inclusive place!

I want to add a group. And maybe moderate it! I’m so excited!

Lovely! Every member can create new groups, however, we’ll need to approve them before it’s published, mostly because we need to make sure there are no duplicated groups. Please get in touch with us if you would like to moderate a group. What can we offer in exchange? General love and recognition as a “Hubud Global Captain” along with a monthly digital membership.

Can I use Facebook to create my login?

Of course you can! You can also use LinkedIn and your Google account.

What kind of information I can find about other members? What do I get to share about myself?

Name, last name, who they are, their role, skills, plus everything else they want to share with the community on their profile.

Can I message someone privately? Can I message a group of people?

Yes and yes.


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