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Community + peer support. International networking + business alliances. Skill-sharing + courses.

Our active community is geared for digital nomads, location-independent entrepreneurs and startups —and dreamers who plan on joining the tribe.

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Get Support

Get support from an active community of +1900 like-minded digital nomads.

Are you a first time digital nomad? Get advice on what it’s really like to take the leap. Levelled up in your globe-trotting? Get perspectives from seasoned travelers on topics like managing finances abroad, global insurance, travelling with children or visa hacks! Share successes, make introductions and fight the inevitable “nomad blues”.

Hubud Global: community of likeminded people

Work + Collaborate

Work and collaborate with a global network of location-independent entrepreneurs.

A members directory, dedicated groups for business support and collaboration, Masterminds. Hubud Global facilitates meaningful and valuable connections between members, whether you’re looking for job opportunities, a designer to craft your new logo, or some quick advice on a client proposal.

Hubud Global: meet friends + allies before your journey

Learn + Grow

Access our curated playlists of courses. By digital nomads, for digital nomads.

Browse topics from personal development, business, technology, money and more, presented by link-minded location-independent friends. Learn about everything from 101 Get Shit Done to Sales Copywriting.

The most transformative aspect of traveling is the people you meet.

Hubud Global opens up the gateway to maintain connections and find new like-minded friends— anywhere our members are located.

Elaina Giolando - Writer and content strategist

Gianpaolo Faccini - Cofounder at Mowgli

Steve Munroe - Cofounder & CEO of Hubud

Loshini Selvarajah - Director of Growth at Coworker.com

Dai Manuel - Executive Performance Coach

Cristina Siciliano - Travel Manager, Acting Coach, Entertainer

Melvyn Mouflin - Head of Hubud Global

Kasia Triantafelo - Chief of Sales & Marketing

“Hubud Global has provided me with fantastic motivation and continuity as I build my online business whilst travelling. I joined as I was leaving Bali. I didn't want to leave the Hubud community behind and Hubud Global meant I didn't have to. Even though I'm travelling, I can still access learning courses and - my favourite - the Success Clinic which keeps me on track.”

Alexandra Harper

Well-being & Performance consultant

“Being a digital nomad was a bit of a lonely ride most of the time for me. Until I came along Hubud Global - a striving and diverse community of nomads built for and by them! With "Hubud" as their base, they have not just created a home but an entire ecosystem, from learnings, members directory to accountability groups. It’s a remote home which I can take with me to any corner of the world!”

Shahbaaz d’Ali

Founder at That Dive Life

“When you’re an entrepreneur, there are a lot of gaps in your knowledge, about new technologies, about new ways of working or new strategies. Hubud Global… I can’t think of a better place for entrepreneurs to post a question, or seek support for their business. How do you do email marketing campaigns? How do you do Facebook Ads? It’s all in the tips of your fingers. This has been a huge game changer for me and my business to get that type of support.”

Lydia Lee

Screw The Cubicle Founder

Hubud Global features

Community forum

Get introduced, ask for help or share tips on our active Facebook group or our organised digital nomad community forum. Get the most up-to-date relevant answers.


Digital nomad members directory

Members directory

Browse digital nomads by skills or location. Connect with the local community, find a service provider, a business partner, a client to work with, or just a travel buddy.

Accountability groups

Maintain your focus on your business goals. Join our Success Clinic sessions and get support from your very own remote support squad. Wherever you go, count on it.


Learning platform

Access our curated playlists of courses by digital nomads for digital nomads. Browse topics from personal development, business, technology, money and more.

Personalized networking

Let our team connect you to relevant members or resources based on your needs. Get in touch with members for help or get invited to our accountability groups.


Feedback sessions

Get help with your business challenge with our Think Thank session. Gather around-the-globe members from diverse skills, backgrounds, cultures and ages to gain clarity.


Connect and learn from our 1900+ active community of digital nomads and location-independent entrepreneurs.

$10/month (instead of $14,99/month)

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You fill in a form so we can connect you with relevant members or resources according to the challenges you have or the location you are in. We also do a welcome call.
You access our active community, our members directory and our learning platform.
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Do I get access to Hubud Global if I’m an active Hubud coworking member?

Yes, every Hubud coworking member (from Casual to Unlimited) gets FREE access to Hubud Global, with the exception of Day Passes. Once your membership at Hubud Coworking has finished, your Hubud Global membership ends, but don't worry... You'll get a discount to Hubud Global  so you can stay connected to your community. :)

Can anyone submit a workshop or skill-share?

Yes. Send us a request at [email protected] to organise an online workshops to be distributed for our community.


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