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What did we learn from CU Asia?

Learn and Launch.February 23, 2018
By Steve Munroe
As a Cofounder & CEO of Hubud, Steve is its prime schemer and evangelist for new ways of working, learning and living.

For those of you who have been working out of Hubud recently, you may have noticed our space looking a little…thin…on the staff side for the first 10 days of this month. No, we didn’t fire everyone. Instead, 9 of us were busy in Penang, Malaysia preparing for CU Asia.

CU Asia, Asia’s coworking conference, has grown from just over 100 participants in 2015 to 330+ in this years version, and moved from Bali (2015 +2016) to Chiang Mai (2017) to Penang. This year there were participants from 35 countries that included coworking operators, tech companies, government representatives, investors, real estate companies, workplace strategists and digital nomads.

What you may not know is that we are the team behind CU Asia. When we are not busy hosting you are a hyper-local bamboo coworking haven in Bali, we are running Asia’s largest coworking conference. 

We absolutely love it. As passionate community builders ourselves, attending an event like CU Asia is like pulling the Tesla up to the charging station. It is an instant energy boost; a reconfirmation that we are lucky to work in an incredible industry; and that the future of work is, truly, social.

We learn a lot too! We believe Hubud is as much a classroom as an office (440+ events last year alone) and we take that peer-to-peer learning model into a wider context through CU Asia. In the video below, I tried to summarize 5 key takeaway lessons that I thought would be interesting to you, our community of Hubudians, as we roll straight into 2018.

I hope you like it! 


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