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A startup association from South Korea in Bali: meet the Jeju group

Smart Teams.December 9, 2018
By Marielle Millevoi

An aspiring writer with a concentration in Latin America, a passion for storytelling through media, and an obsession with film photography.

Last October 2018, Hubud opened its bustling bamboo workplace to the Jeju Startup Association, coming all the way from South Korea. They joined our Tribe Builder program to learn everything about coworking, digital nomads and sustainable tourism. Enjoy this photo essay about their inspiring weekend in Bali.

What’s Jeju?

Jeju is an island of South Korea inhabited by a half a million people, offering a vast volcanic landscape, nature, and beaches, not to mention, an emerging blockchain and startup scene. This small island aims to host numerous international conferences in 2019: digital signal processing, pharma, food, e-education and e-business, internet technologies and societies, among others. What began as a sightseeing spot in Korea, is now transforming into a tourism and tech hub.

The Jeju Startup Association is a diverse team of startups, formed to foster eco-tourism and tech innovation on the island.  They started off with the intention to link entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, be it a restaurant, dive shop owner, etc, into one entity able to accurately understand and manage all aspects of tourism. And not just simple tourism: sustainable tourism aimed at promoting the longevity of Jeju Island. That’s why they came all the way from South Korea: to learn how our Bali has managed to reinvent tourism during the last years. Hence, they turned to Hubud and to the Island of Gods to see how smart tourism could be done.

Ecotourism in Bali and Hubud’s Tribe Builder

Our corporate retreats, otherwise known as Tribe Builder programs, aim to inspire and cultivate the ideal environment enabling teams to grow and connect comfortably. Retreats also aim to educate smart teams on the richness of the local culture, in order to create a unique bonding experience. By doing this, smart teams experience new levels productivity and relatability in the work environment once returning home.

Hubud enabled Jeju group to experience sustainable tourism on our island, in partnership with Five Pillars Foundation. Five Pillar Foundation is a community development organization and social enterprise aiming to develop villages in using an approach of five pillars: economic, social, environmental, educational, and cultural development. In doing so, they also recognize the importance of eco-and community-based tourism. Not only that, they advocate for respect and appreciation for traditional culture. Not to mention, they won Startup Weekend Bali 2017, a weekend experiment aimed at going from an idea to a startup in just 54 hours!

How startup team building is done in Bali

Team building, or a chance to take part in collaborative activities that unite a group, is essential to the success of any corporation. It is believed to strengthen communication, collaboration, innovation, creativity, and overall performance. By allowing for the chance to connect in an informal and exciting way, staff members are generally able to feel more connected and energized after returning to work.

Hubud’s Tribe Builder program facilitates team building through exercises focused specifically on the local culture. Jeju Startup Association learned, played, and dove into the culture of Bali as they celebrated the beauty of the island and its thriving nature in West Bali. They cooked traditional food, learned how to cultivate the rice fields, and even tested our Balinese dance skills (it’s all in the eye contact!). They witnessed a warm Balinese welcome, dancing, and plenty of laughter.

They even joined in on the fun!

One group headed to the rice fields and one group remained in the Balinese house where we learned how to cook Balinese food and enjoyed “klepon” a delicious Indonesian sweet and homemade satay. After this, we learned how to make offerings with all sorts of beautiful flowers.

Next, they headed to the rice fields where Four Pillar Foundation representatives explained the process of rice making. They began to realize the extensive process rice required — a dish you consume at least once a day in Bali.

Seeing the rice fields was incredible and humbling simultaneously.

A few Jeju group members even assisted in helped in rice cultivation!

Next, they enjoyed traditional Balinese dance. This religious and artistic representation of Balinese culture is expressive and dynamic. Young Balinese girls impressed us with engaging dance and it wasn’t long until we were invited to join in.

The intensity of Balinese dance is extreme- it is all about the eyes and somehow these young girls were able to captivate us with their intense stares and strict movements. The dancers captured Balinese culture in addition to overall devotion to perseverance and discipline. These aspects can also be essential to any team.

The rest of the group’s program in Bali consisted of a cooking class, an electric bike tour with the Greenbikes Bali, an eco-friendly bicycle tour, and a visit to UNESCO world heritage site- Jatiluwih. The group learned responsible and eco-tourism while diving deep into about Balinese tradition. The experience allowed this diverse startup association to not only understand the methods of sustainable tourism present in Bali but also to cooperate in major team building. The team left stronger, and more bonded together. Suddenly, every member of Jeju Startup shared a unique memory – something the startup team could look back on and reminisce about together.

Jeju Startup Association participated in our Tribe Builder program- our new style corporate retreats focused on indulging in nature, team building, and boosting productivity. For more information head to https://hubud.org/corporate-retreats/


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